SENPA is a securely encrypted network password and data archiver, a single location accessable everywhere as long as you have internet connect to store your passwords, notes, details, cards and one-time password (OTP). We take privacy and security really seriously and this was developed for the confort of all to insure your passwords are not left on the desk, table or sticker notes and now days every site, app, game has a password and you should NEVER have the same password across differrent site, app, game. There for with all those differrent passwords it's hard to remeber them all and SENPA is the one place you can save all your passwords securely and encrypted.

Security Policy
We take privacy and security really seriously as we believe that everyone deserve security and privacy with 100% confidence that it is achieved. We encrypt all the data, details and information stored in SENPA, each individual and personal data is encrypted with a unique personal key auto-generated and stored in your profile. We do not share any information stored, we do not collect any personal information apart from your login details so you can login, none your information is shared within anyone other than yourself. We do not track your location, nor do we track your activities as everything stored in SENPA is private, personal and securely encrypted with the individuals own encryption key.

Security & Recommendations
↠ Never share your password with anyone!
↠ Never use words available in dictionary as passwords!
↠ Never use birthdays or aniverssary dates as passwords!
↠ Passwords with dictionary words with UPPER case and/or numbers is NOT secure!
↠ Always try to have a minimun of 8 to 10 random characters!
↠ Always try including UPPER, lower, numeric and special characters!
↠ Always encrypt all your files, emails and messages every possible!
↠ Anything that is not encrypted can be accessed by anyone!

Cookies & Privacy Policy

This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when you use our Service and the choices you have associated with that data. Our Privacy Policy for SENPA is created with the help of the Free Privacy Policy website. Privacy Policy Page